The Lisbon Experience

I haven’t been to many European countries. The few cities I was able to visit, had fascinating architecture, squares with monuments and fountains. The roads made of cobblestones is beautiful. One may say, all European cities has those similarities. But, then, one would notice the contrasting differences too. The colours, materials, and designs is used, what influenced the designers and architects and the story behind a particular city.

On the day we arrived in Lisbon, after check-in at our hotel, we almost immediately set out to walk. We walked around in different directions within the radius of our hotel, basically to get a feel of the city and to discover it. During those walks, we started to notice the unique characteristics of its roads. The colours and patterns used on the cobblestone streets and sidewalk. Almost, in every path we set our foot, had the appearance of a work of art. I wonder whether if it is, pieces of ‘marble,’ that were used to create patterns and designs on the road. Whatever it is, it’s slightly slippery on rainy days but nevertheless, just beautiful.


A few drug pushers, a man or a woman, here and there living on the street, and the stench of urine, on certain parts of the city, gave us the impression, that the city is somewhat neglected. It kept me wondering if Lisboner’s are having a difficult time such as an economic meltdown or is it simply because Lisbon is poorer than its neighbours.



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