Winscombe, Somerset


“Come knowing what you want to see. And See what you do not know. Lose track of days. Discover endless tranquillity. Take it all in. Through your eyes, your ears, your hands, your soul. And leave with  a new sense of discovery.”  – National Geographic Magazine.

If I’m to describe myself in one word, I would say I’m a planner. My daily life runs the way as I plan it. My exercise regime, the food I/we eat at home, the chores, how I would spend my time and our holidays, etc.  Sometimes my family thinks that I over do it; I worry too much and unnecessarily. When we plan a vacation, I make it a point, that it’s my job to read and find out about where we’re going, what we’ll do and have an itinerary that the three of us can agree. That doesn’t mean that we don’t do things spontaneously. We do so as well, but mostly, the first priority is always figuring out who wants to see what and include everyone’s needs and enjoy the vacation together and make the most of it. In that regard, our trip to England in 2010 summer was pre-planned. We agreed to do the London city tour, visited two museums, went to Hyde Park and Regents Park and enjoyed our walks. We also went to a musical, made a day trip to Oxford and back. We visited friends living in London, made a trip to Wales and had a little tour of Cardiff. Our next destination in England was Somerset, to be exact, at Winscombe. My husband’s friend, Mathew is from Somerset, his sister Ruth owns farmland in the area. We had an excellent opportunity to discover the farm by walking miles after miles. During the walk, I was reminded of Thomas Hardy’s novel, ‘Far from the Maddening Crowd’ in which, the novelist describes the English countryside. It certainly was my kind of holiday, discovering naturally beautiful, scenic places like English countryside. My husband and daughter are animal lover’s while I’m the type who gets fascinated and crazy about flora and fauna. The visit to Winscombe was a delightful experience for us all. My husband and daughter enjoyed having a chance to see the many animals in the farm and interacting with their domesticated animals. My daughter was over the moon to be on one of Ruth’s pony’s. It was  very enjoyable and a memorable holiday for us all.




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