Angkor Archeological Park.

In 2009, we went to Cambodia for our annual vacation. During our stay, we visited Angkor Archeological Park. It was a huge park in the forest with a lake and ancient buildings. We went to the site in a minivan with few other tourists. From there on, we explored the area on foot. On the second day, part of the tour was explored while we were sitting on the back of an elephant. On top of a hill, there were ruins of an ancient building.  We climb to the top of it like many others visiting the site. Climbing was easy when compared to the struggle of getting down. There were several uneven, narrow rocks and we felt it was not safe, but we went up with hundreds of others and watched the sunset. After sunset, I felt there was a haunted feeling in the area. It could be the natural light at that hour, the shapes of the rock structure and its shadows and silhouette of trees in the area.

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