The Batu Caves.


Malaysia’s landscape include forests, beaches and limestone hills. The states in the north of the country have most limestone hills. One of the mountains on the outskirts of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a famous landmark named, Batu Caves. When you approach the hill via road, you’ll see the gold statue of Hindu God Murugan,  a 140 ft high idol from afar. Several statues of different Hindu God’s can be found near the hill and inside the cave. Access to the cave temple is by climbing the hill. Visitors and worshipers alike, takes the two hundred, steep steps, that leads to the temple to enter it. Batu Cave has been a place of worship for Hindu’s since late 18th century. Every year, the annual Hindu religious festival, Thaipusam, is held in the cave temple. Large crowds of worshippers and spectators visit the temple on that particular day. The rest of the year it’s usually, comparatively small number of tourists, and fewer worshipers. When I lived in KL between 2006-2013, I visited the cave many times, whenever family and friends are visiting.






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