Weekend getaway to Thinadhoo island.

Last weekend we visited Thinadhoo, a local island in Vaavu Atoll. It’s a  beautiful small island with a small population. Currently, less than a hundred residents live there. According to the island folks whom I talked, the majority of the people have migrated to the small, congested capital of Maldives, Male’ City. Those who have migrated, do visit their abandoned home and family members during the festive seasons and long school holidays. It’s quite common for islander’s to relocate to the capital, in search of jobs and to educate their children, as most islands lack good schools and job opportunities. During our two days stay in Plumeria Boutique Guest House, I noticed that few of their employees were Maldivians. If the youth of Thinadhoo returns to their native land, probably they can take over the jobs now filled by Srilankan’s, Bangladeshi’s and other nationalities. Our short stay in the island was a good experience, a very relaxing and a pleasant one. Plumeria’s facilities and services were outstanding, beyond our expectation. We wish to go there once again, hopefully soon.



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