Rectory Farm in Cambridge. 

shireThis summer we stayed at the Rectory Farm in Cambridge for two nights. Rectory Farm is a marketed as a B&B, but it feels like a small hotel. The main building is Georgian style house with the hotel reception, rooms for guests a breakfast hall and a lounge area. On the left of the main building is the chalet, with few more rooms for the guests. Surrounding areas of both buildings has green fields, nd it’s refreshing to look out of the doors and windows. Breakfast was good with fresh fruits, juice, cereal, yoghurt,  bread,  coffee and tea and it cost ten pounds, which isn’t bad. When we booked the Rectory Farm we had the impression that it’s an actual farm and would be a quiet area. But unfortunately it’s a hotel surrounded by green fields and when outdoors you can hear the traffic. During our stay in Rectory Farm we walked to the small village called Coton, stopped at the Plough for a meal and walk back to the hotel. We also visited the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial.


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