Tenganan Village, Bali.

We visited a small village called Tenganan, while we were holidaying in Candidasa, Bali, Tenagana village is in a naturally enclosed environment. The settlers in this community built their homes in the midst of the forest and had left the trees and the shrubs around it as a natural protective wall. Tenganan had identical looking long houses, a school and various other ‘buildings’ for their inhabitant’s use. The villagers had their supply of water from a well; built in the middle of the compound. It was the only source of water in the vicinity. The three hundred or so people who live there relies on the well-water for their needs. Balinese people in that village were small built, but they are strong as they do physically challenging work in their daily life, as chores, as a mean to earn their living, regardless of their gender, and age. The designs of their homes were uniquely Balinese, with wooden structures and stone and wood carvings. A lot of handmade tools, vessels and ‘machines’ are used for their survival. We were humbled and impressed by their creativity, hard work and hospitality.

A unique type of swing.








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