Candidasa, Bali.


Ah! just found this post from past travels is unpublished, is in the draft folder for months! When our daughter graduated from high school in the summer of 2012, we went to Candidasa, Bali. It was a peaceful area of Bali with mountainous landscapes on one side, coconut groves and the ocean on the other side. At the time of our visit to Candidasa, it was secluded, and we enjoyed the privacy and the natural beauty of the area. Our hotel was facing the ocean, and we never missed a sunrise during our stay.

It’s noteworthy to mention the warm smiles of Balinese people, their humbleness and simplicity, the trouble children go through for their education. The kids walk alone for miles to learn and it’s a promising sight. They wore school uniforms, walk in groups, smiles on their faces and doesn’t seem to mind the distance they walk back and forth every day. Candidasa is the kind of place that makes you think, reflect about your life and the world around us. The poverty in the world, the hardships of others, the fragile environment and what you can do to help and make it a better world.

img_4080 img_4151-version-22


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