Summer Holiday 2013.

We went to Nieuwpoort, a seaside town in Belgium during summer of 2013. We took Eurostar from London to Calais in France. The journey from Calais to Nieuwpoort was made by car. The car ride took about an hour or so. We stayed in Hotel Cosmopolite Nieuwpoort. At the time of our visit, we noticed there were a lot of senior citizens and people in wheelchairs living in the area or on vacation. According to one of our friend, the sea breeze helps to heal quickly, and it’s one of the reasons why the sick and old people prefer to spend time in Nieuwpoort. Our friends Tes and Mat took us for sightseeing in Bruges. It was a lovely town with canals and medieval buildings. One of the best parts of that family vacation was cycling from Nieuport to Mannekesvere and back. My husband and daughter are good at cycling, while I’m not. 😦 So I was on a tandem with my husband. They teased me about having “not done any cycling for real” but getting the credit for biking on that trip. 🙂 Eating Belgian waffles and chocolate deserts were quite an experience too. Every afternoon we looked forward and ate something sweet with coffee, following the Belgian tradition. There’s always something uniquely different to a particular place that you notice when visiting new places. In Nieuport, I noticed that they served popcorn first when food is ordered and while you wait it to be served.



img_7224  IMG_5427


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