Siem Reap, an unforgettable experience.

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Eight years ago we visited Siem Reap, and it still is the most unforgettable experience of our travels. The extent of poverty shocked us. It made us very sad. Most children lived on the street or in slums without access to clean water and nutritious food. The murky lake and the dusty roads were their bathrooms and their playground. Most of the children were extremely thin.. A few kids had lost one or two of their limbs, probably they are the victims of land mines. The children beg, pick garbage or sell things for their survival. Selling bananas, coconuts or other small items such as handmade souvenirs in exchange for a dollar, a US Dollar. We presumed those children may be exploited, is controlled and used as a network for selling things by more powerful adults. We found many volunteers, especially youth from western countries involve in changing the lives of Cambodians, especially the children and women’s life. I personally feel it’s very important for our children to witness poverty and to understand the sad condition of some children living in the world. Our trip to Siem Reap was an excellent experience for our teenage daughter, and for us as a family. It made us think and act differently.




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