Sultan Ahmet Mosque or the “Blue Mosque.”

Sultan Ahmet Mosque or famously know as the Blue Mosque, named after the Turkish Sultan, Ahmet I, who ruled the country from 1603 to 1617. It is said, Sultan Ahmet I, wanted to build a mosque, greater than the Hagia Sophia. Turkish architect, Mehmet Aga designed the building upon request from the Sultan. It took seven years to complete the construction work of the mosque. Apparently the mosque got its nickname, the Blue Mosque because its domes and walls decorated with tiles, some of the tiles in different shades of blue. The Blue Mosque has six minarets, and it is the only mosque originally built with six minarets. During the time of our visit, it was a functioning mosque. Entry was allowed up to a particular area of the mosque and during prayer times, no visitors are allowed. When we visited the mosque in 2011, we were not given an opportunity to stay long and explore more. It’s a very popular landmark in Istanbul and crowds were thick at the time of our visit.



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