Short break @ Robinson Club Maldives.

According to the Maldives constitution, it is a 100 percent Muslim country. Local people celebrate all Muslim holidays. Ramadan ended on the 24th June, and the government decided to extend the holiday period of Eid, for a week. Civil servants will enjoy the week long holiday, while most employees at private sector will be back on their schedule within 1 or 2 days of Eid celebration. We’re on a 4-day break and decided to travel to Huvadhu Atoll in South Maldives. Huvadhu Atoll is one of the largest natural atolls in the Maldives. In 1962 Huvadhu Atoll was divided into two administrative districts, namely Gaafu Alif (GA) Atoll and Gaafu Dhaal (GDh) Atoll. We’re in the northeastern section of GA atoll, in the island Funamadua. The island is managed by the Robinson Club gmbH, a subsidiary of TUI AG.

 If you love marine life, diving and snorkelling, a quiet holiday from the usual hustle and bustle of life, Robinson Club at Funamadua is an excellent place to be in.  The island is small but very beautiful with local vegetation. The white sandy beaches and turquoise blue ocean around the island are breathtakingly beautiful. The fresh breeze and the movement of palm leaves rubbing together by the wind made a very soothing natural music. Great food, seawater detox by swimming and snorkelling completely rejuvenate me. The marine life in the area is so rich, after every dive, my husband acted like an excited child while going through his underwater videos. In his words, he wishes that he could go and dive in “Villingili Kandu” “again and again and again.”


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