Boat cruise in Bergen.

boatWe booked a three and half hours fjord cruise from Rodney as we were not keen on being on a boat for many days during our visit to Norway. The journey started from Bergen to Monstraumen and back to Bergen. We wished the weather was bit nicer, nevertheless, we enjoyed the ride.

Hike from Mount Ulriken to Mount Fløyen 

Yesterday we took the cable car to Mount Ulriken and walked upto Mount Fløyen. According to the information board at Ulriken, we would have to hike for 12.1 km to reach Fløyen. We started our hike with the phone App Runkeeper on. According to our phone app we walked 16.35 kilometers in a little over 4 hrs. After reaching Fløyen we stopped to eat a sandwich. The descend from Fløyen to the Bergen city center took an hour and it was less than 4 kilometers. The weather was perfect, sunny and not too windy for most part of our hike. We enjoyed the fresh air, beautiful scenery and tranquility of the environment.

First time on Fløyen.

Today we visited mount Fløyen in Bergen. We went up the hill by funicular and walked for more than an hour. We enjoyed the earthly smell of the forest and the beautiful scenery. The unexpected sighting of animals was a great bonus too.