Swiss food at Swiss Chuchi, Zurich.

Swiss Chuchi is a restaurant we found in a lovely square in Zurich. We chose the restaurant to try something authentically Swiss and ordered Raclette which reminded me of Teppanyaki dish. Raclette is basically a plate of any type of meat  served with cheese, pickled onion, gherkins, tomato, mushroom and baby corn. An electric grill and a small pan is placed on the table before the food is served. You grill your meat or sausage and melt the cheese in the pan and eat. Our waiter recommended to use some paprika, and we did sprinkle some in the grilled cheese. The waiter gave us a postcard of the restaurant as a souvenir.  According to the information on the postcard, the restaurant is operated by Hotel  Adler adjacent to the restaurant which is situated at  Rosengasss 10, Zurich. If you want to try something Swiss, I think it’s a good place to start with. The restaurant staff were extremely friendly and helpful.                                                                                


Weekend in Zurich 

On this morning we walked from Toni Areal in Zurich West, towards Zurich city center and old town. As it’s a Sunday morning the roads were quite and peaceful. The weather was nice and warm. Along the way we discovered many cute little spots of Zurich.